Brad Colbroock

Brad Colbroock is a Midwest podcaster who does sound editing, voice acting and writing. They began working on Sector Ø before stumbling into Zebulon Podcasts and...well, others, including Goose Thunder Podcasting Network and Aster Podcasting. They are currently working on an upcoming series about an absurd space train, but for now take a look at what they've completed. When not working with microphones, Brad can be found helping in horticulture labs

Character Demo

Narration Demo

Voice Credits

Lead Roles

The Haunted Hell House of Horror

Aster Podcasting Network
Scary Stories Anthology

Christmas Buffet Roulette

Supporting Roles



Guest Roles


The Shadow

Last Call at Bluebell Cafe
Magic Envelope

Wizard Seeking Wizard
Idrubov The Meek

Cameo Appearences

Smoke and Mirrors
Nalis (Episode 4) Magevney (Episode 5)
Spectator (Episode 14)
Sage & Savant
Fireman (Episode 408) Frenchman (Episode 410)
VAST Horizon
Crewmember (Season 2 Episode 3)
Nurse (Season 2 Episode 7)
Dining In The Void
Cassie Monologue #2: Guard

Under the Electric Stars
Doorman (Episode 9)
The Shadow
Boy (Season 4 Episode 6)
Operator (Season 4 Episode 7)
Nightcall Radio
SCPD Officer
With Caulk and Candles
Tarot Reader (Episode 7)
In Beacween
Ghosts of Griffin
Narrator - Trestle

Sound Work

Sound Designer

Sound Editor

Sound Editor

Lead Sound Editor

Sound Editor

Hauntingly Humdrum

Sound Editor:
Pumpkin, Carving
The Straw Guardian

Coming Soon


Hire Brad for Your Podcast!

Wherever you are in the process of making your podcast, I can help!
Whether you just need scripts looked over to make sure the writing works for audiodrama or you're looking for a sound editor, my services can make your podcast better.

Script Services

Script Editing

Send in your existing audiodrama script and I'll provide notes on story, structure, and SFX direction.

<1000 words.......... $15
1000-3000 words...... $30
3000-5000 words...... $60
5000-10,000 words.... $120

Audio Readiness Read

Adapting a script to an audio format? Feel good about your story but not sure if it's suitable for audio? I'll give it a quick read to see if there's anything that needs to be made clearer.

<3000 words....... $20
3000-5000 words... $30

Podcast Consulting

Production Review

No matter where you are in the production process, I help make sure your podcast is ready to go. We'll discuss scripts, scheduling, and audio together over a voice or video call.

45 minute consultation: $60
90 minute consultation: $115

Audio Review

Have some audio you want an experienced sound engineer to listen to before you publish? I'll give feedback on voice levels, SFX, and pacing.

<15 Minutes...... $40
15-30 Minutes.... $75
30-60 Minutes... $120

Sound Editing and Foley

Looking for a sound editor for your podcast, or just need a foley artist for a spare sound effect?
Contact me with the following details:

Sound Editing

A description of your show, including show length, schedule, and budget. Existing scripts are a plus.

Foley Work

A description of the sound you're looking for, with script context if possible.

Sound Editing rates will vary depending on the scope of the project.
Foley rates will vary based on the complexity and length of the sound effects.

Payment will be made through Paypal