Brad Colbroock

Brad is rumored to be a human; this claim is unsubstantiated and should be taken with a grain of salt. There is greater evidence they might be a voice actor: This evidence has been collected below for your convenience.

Lead Roles

Haunted Hell House of Horror: Alan Armstrong

Aster Podcasting's Scary Stories Anthology:
The Victim

Supporting Roles

Sector Ø : Carl, Hammakaplu, Spafaman
Ensemble Cast

Novitero : Medic

Christmas Buffet Roulette : Nicholas

Danson : Eric Lanwell

Sticks Shift Incorporated: Coby

Cameo Appearences

Sound Work

Sector Ø: Sound Designer
Marémoto: Une reproduction: Sound Editor
Zebulon ShakesQueer Company: Sound Designer

Writing Credits

( Made with Carrd )